Welcome to RoboDevils-Design

This website is created for FIRST mentors, students and teams and supports the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).  For more information on FIRST and FRC please go to the FIRST Web site.

The basic premise of this site is - that all teams could use an engineering based solution support center that is in the spirit of FIRST and the FRC. We note that there is no single killer design "out there" ready to go at the beginning of competition season.  In fact, we would wager that the FRC game design committee has a requirement to ensure that rookie teams can get on the field and be competitive at their first regional competition. But we do believe that there is a need for

  • an engineering process as practised by industry leaders
  • elementary physical science solutions for FRC students
  • documented engineering solutions for FRC game elements
  • concepts and solutions
  • a forum to trade FRC solutions

We hope that you find this web useful each time you visit.  We aslo expect this site to continuously evolve its tools and solutions - hopefully in an order way.  

You can reach us at via email and the blog. For website issues please contact: webmaster@robodevils-design.org. For design issues contact : alt-designer@robodevils-design.org.